Responsive templates

E-info.email has many beautiful responsive templates that regardless the device, always look good.  Did you know that more than 47% of emails are being opened on a mobile device?

Responsive Drag ‘n Drop editor

Create easily beautiful responsive newsletters with our new drag and drop editor. Adding images and text is very easy and you simply change the lay out by dragging the building blocks. No need for any knowledge of HTML

Social Media integration

Expand the reach (and thus success) of your newsletter by sharing in the Social Media.

Put your newsletter to the power with the Social Media integration.

Target your audience

Reach specific audiences with targeted e-mail campaigns or send targeted mailings based on previous clicks and opens. Combine different segments for precisely reaching your target audience.

Complete statistics and reports

Gain insight into the success of your newsletter with the complete newsletter statistics of E-info.email. See who opened and clicked on links and if your newsletter is opened on a PC, tablet or smart phone.

Google Analytics integration

Track your email marketing campaign results with Google Analytics and gain insight on how your newsletter adds to the traffic and online sales on your website.

A/B testing

Get more from your newsletter and make sure you know which one is best suited to your audience. What subject works best, and what color button brings more clicks? With the effective A/B testing, you know which is doing a better job and gives you more result.

Autoresponders 2.0

Automate your E-mail marketing activities by for example sending a birthday card, a welcome message, or a thank you e-mail. Send an automated e-mail course for your subscribes that signed up.



Use your own template

Even your existing email templates can be easily uploaded from your computer or imported from a web page.

Every E-mail client

Our templates have been tested to look the same on all popular e-mail programs (Yahoo, Live mail, Gmail, Outlook, etc) Your contacts see your mailing like you want it to be ..

Drag and drop editor

Design your own newsletter with our amazing drag and drop responsive editor. Edit your own pictures and texts. Place links that point to your website or online PDF files.

Test E-mails

Are you curious how your newsletter arrives at the contacts? Send a test email to your own email address using our preview feature.

Image data bank

The built-in image library of E-info.email can easily organize your newsletter images by date and size.

Newsletter personalization

Personalize your email with just two clicks by using the unlimited custom fields such as name, age or company name.

Online RSS web archive

When your customers are not able to receive HTML newsletters, you can refer them to an online RSS Web archive.

Anchor links

By placing an anchor link in your newsletter, you can refer to a specific part or header of your newsletter text.


Unsubscribe links

It is very easy to place an unsubscribe link in E-info.email. Also, all unsubscribe requests are processed automatically in your mailing list and from then on will not receive more mail from you..

Optimalisation tips

Just below the menu random tips will appear on how to optimize your newsletter campaign. Very useful!

Bounce processing

Email addresses that do not exist (bounced) after dispatch will automatically be removed from your mailing lists. You can export the list of bounced email addresses to see if it was a soft (ie. Mailbox is full) or hard bounce (Email address does not exist).

Tell-a-friend link

Give your receivers the opportunity to send your newsletter to a friend. In your statistics you can even see a report on who was forwarded and whether the recipient has subscribed.

No double E-mails

You do not have to worry about email addresses that appear several times in your mailing list. E-INFO.EMAIL takes care that an email address never appears more than once in the same mailing list.

Newsletter scheduling

Going a week on vacation? Or are you not in the office tomorrow? No problem. You decide on what date and time you send your newsletters by scheduling ahead of time.

Send to more lists

Send your newsletter at once to multiple lists. Duplicate emails are removed automatically before sending.

HTML or TXT (multipart)

Send an HTML newsletter (with graphics) or a mailing with only text

Captcha options

You can protect your web forms by means of a CAPTCHA code. This is to prevent your form of being spammed by Web robots.


Contact management

Because E-INFO.EMAIL automatically opt-ins, opt-outs, unsubscribes and bounced emails  processes, you can always be sure that you comply with the SPAM legislation.

Import / Export

You want to import an existing customer base via an Excel sheet at once in E-INFO.EMAIL? No problem. It is even possible to create a backup by exporting your data.

Web forms

Easily create a subscription form to paste in your website. All newsletter subscribers are recognized directly in your E-INFO.EMAIL contact list.

Unlimited Custom Fields

You decide what information you want to store from your contacts. Create as many additional fields as you like (hometown, interests, name, phone number, etc.) These fields can then be used to personalize your newsletter.

Mailing lists

With E-INFO.EMAIL you can create as many mailing lists as you like. For example, create a separate list for your newsletter readers and another for your business contacts.

Double opt-in

Anyone who signs up for your mailing list will receive a confirmation email, in which they can give permission themselves to receive the newsletter. This required by law in many countries

Profile link

Add a profile update link to your newsletters. Your contacts can at all times change/update their details, such as address and telephone number.

Deleting contacts

You can easily remove contacts from your list. For example, search by name or email address if you import a list of addresses where multiple contacts you want to delete. These contacts can be deleted permanently or mark them as unsubscribed so they receive no more newsletters from you.

One click unsubscribe

Can by adding an unsubscribe link in your newsletter your contacts can unsubscribe with one touch of a button.


Send your newsletters to target groups by creating list segments. For example, create a selection in which you only sent to men over 55 from Germany.

Surpression list

The built-in blacklist ensures that contacts that do not want or can will not receive any mail.

Contacts filtering

By making a selection, you can choose which contacts you want to see. For example, create a selection of all men from a city who have clicked on a particular link in a new letter.


Split testing

A split test allows you to send different versions of a newsletter and see afterwards which has performed best. Example: You send out two of the same newsletters , with a different subject line to 10% of your contacts. The system divides the two newsletters within this 10%, and than investigates which of the two has the best open rates. The best performing newsletter is then sent to the remaining 90%

Automatic log

When a contact receives a newsletter or autoresponder and opens or clicks through, than this action is automatically saved and added to the profile of the contact. By analyzing the history, you have a good understanding of the behavior of your contact.


In the log you can create your own notes, such as telephone calls or any queries and/or complaints from one of your contacts.

Google Integration

E-INFO.EMAIL supports Google Calendar. You can easily add reminders by clicking the “Add to Google Calendar” button icon.

Feedbackloop Processing

Feedback Loops are automatically processed in E-INFO.EMAIL to increase deliverability.


Opening statistics

Measuring is knowing. From the Statistics tab, you can see exactly and track how many emails were opened and when. The statistics you can look back over the past seven days, 30 days, last year or any selected time. All statistics are displayed in clear bar and circle graphs. Also, you can print or export to an Excel file.

Link statistics

From each sent newsletter you can see exactly how many times was clicked on any particular link. This gives you a great insight into the interests of your newsletter recipients.

Google analytics

The newsletters from E-info.email can fully connect with Google Analytics. You can now see exactly how many visitors are coming to your website from a mailed newsletter.

Bounce statistics

Bounces are automatically included in your statistics. You can now see precisely what email addresses are rejected and why. Bounces are automatically processed, so you don’t have to worry about that.

Unsubscribe statistics

The registration statistics provides an overview of all the contacts who have unsubscribed to your mailing list. They will not automatically deleted in order to avoid that they will be added by accident on a later date. However you can delete them manually if you wish.

Tell-a-friend statistics

See who forwarded your newsletter to whom and then see if the recipient has subscribed to your mailing list.


Multiple autoresponders

Save time and energy with autoresponders. Put your campaign ready and automatically send a news to anyone who has subscribed to your mailing list. For example, automatically send directions when someone has registered for a seminar.


Put your follow up E-mails on autopilot with triggers. Send a birthday card to your customer or send a fully automated follow up E-mail when someone presses a link.
With triggers you also can:
Automatic mailing based on date (eg birthday or grant)
Adding based on click-through contacts to another mailing list.
Add or remove a contact from a list on a date in the future.

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