E-info.email is a full service E-mail marketing company

E-mail marketing from A-Z

From do-it-yourself to we-do-it-all-for-you



We have a can-do mentality and like strong results.

This can be done due the lack of expensive account managers and long planning cycles. Even if you have a do-it-yourself contract. We work fast and effective and give any support you need to get your E-mail marketing campaign up and running. It is not a matter of what is done, but how it is done. We do not promise you the world, but explain what your real expectations should be.

Our platform is highly automated so we can focus on more important things like training, education and guidance of our customers. This gives us the ability to offer a very favorable cost/benefit factor.

Long term relations with our customers is our first priority. We can only obtain this by delivering consistent quality work.


Full service A-Z


A = You-do-it-yourself. We give you access to our platform and sufficient training to make sure that you are 100% able to manage your own subscribers and E-mail marketing campaigns. We throw in lots of in-and-outs. We want you to become an expert.

B-Y = Everything in between.

Z = We-do-it-all-for-you. From brainstorming and designing your E-mail marketing campaign until full implementation with fully automated intelligence. And/or everything in between. (See B-Y) We are as flexible as you want us to be. Our goal is to see the smile on your face when writing our monthly check



Half-a-day training is included with every account opened.
After this training you know the in’s and out’s of the powerful platform features and the drag & drop editor.
You will also know about database management, how to set up your forms, triggers and autoresponders.
Together we will do your first mailing and go over all the little nitty gritty details about E-mail marketing.
It does not stop there, because we are always available for any questions you might have, even if you are “doing-your-own-thing”
Support is available through E-mail, Skype, WhatsUp or by phone.



The best deliverability possible

Having a beautiful E-mail campaign will only go so far if your contacts do not receive your campaign. We work with a renowned infrastructure to make sure your email is delivered to every subscriber every time you send a campaign. Maximum deliverability is our passion.

Real-time Abuse & Spam Prevention System

The key to great deliverability is ensuring that only high-quality senders are allowed to send. We have an intricate system in place that is continually analyzing the sending practices before, during, and after sending campaigns.

We take care of all of the technical authentication details. We have valid SPF, Sender ID, DomainKeys, DKIM, etc… We take care of it all.

Engagement Management

Improve your delivery by easily deleting non-engaged contacts. Choose to delete those who have not engaged within a specific time period.

Feedback Loops

Feedback loops are setup with all major ISP’s to receive instant feedback from E-mails being sent. We can then update subscription statuses, detect patterns of sending, and ensure maximum deliverability for all of your contacts.

Bounce Management
When we send a campaign we will analyse all bounces that occur. We will automatically remove all the non-valid addresses (hard bounces) and keep track of other bounced messages.

ISP Partners

We have solid and good relations with all the major ISP’s. This allows us to monitor our deliverability with the major providers along with working with the providers if any issues arise.